About Bill Moffitt Consulting

Bill Moffitt Consulting was formed to help bring the advantages of high-level, "big-company" product management to small and medium-sized companies. By improving processes, encouraging communications, and training staff in the use of standard product management tools, Bill Moffitt can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire product development, production, marketing, and sales team.

Bill Moffitt is a product manager who has had over 20 years of experience with companies from the very large (Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems) to the very small (Insignia Solutions, Novariant, and CSAR). He is also an entrepreneur who has founded successful companies (most recently Ayrstone Productivity, LLC).

During his career, he has adopted and refined a set of practices that enable Product Managers to increase their effectiveness, maximize their impact, and make their products, and hence their companies, much more effective. In particular, he has been involved in the conception and introduction of many successful products, has managed the "mid-life" of several well-established products, and has managed the successful termination of many products that have outlived their usefulness.

Bill Moffitt Consulting is part of a large and talented network of individuals and companies with whom we work to solve our clients' problems.